2nd Place Win at songSLAM!

I’m delighted to announce that “I’m a Girl. What’s your superpower?” (poem by me, music by Heather Gilligan) won second prize at the NYC songSLAM on January 17, 2019. Our song was performed by mezzo soprano Stephanie Weiss and pianist Christina Wright-Ivanova. We were the only all-female group among ten teams.

The flagship event for Sparks & Wiry Cries, the NYC songSLAM is a unique competition for emerging composer/performer teams to premiere new art song. In the poetry-slam tradition, audience members vote on their favorite performances, and $2,000 in cash prizes are awarded.

L to R: Lisa DeSiro (poet), Heather Gilligan (composer), Stephanie Weiss (mezzo soprano), Christina Wright-Ivanova (piano)



Another Poetry Fundraiser!

For six weeks (September 13 to October 25), I will be participating in the “Raise Your Verse” fundraiser to support Mass Poetry. Along with a group of other Massachusetts poets, I’ll be writing poems while seeking donations.

Mass Poetry is a non-profit that believes words and their impact matter. The organization’s work extends from education for children to art around the city. I’ve chosen to be a part of this initiative to support the many great programs Mass Poetry offers, which you can read about here: http://www.masspoetry.org/ourprograms/ 

By sponsoring me you get to be part of this project creatively as well as financially, because… I’m taking requests! Each sponsor/donor can request something for me to use in creating a poem, such as a title, a theme, or a word. If you’re a fellow writer, you can give me a formal challenge (“write a sonnet, haiku, etc.”); if you’re a visual artist, you can give me an exphrastic challenge (“write in response to this painting, photograph, etc.”); if you’re a musician, you can give me a listening challenge (“write in response to this piece of music”). Based on what you request, I’ll write a custom poem for you. At the end of the project I’ll send you a signed copy of your poem, printed on cardstock paper and suitable for framing.

Contributions of any amount are much appreciated and will help Mass Poetry continue its mission to broaden the audience of poetry readers, bring poetry to readers of all ages, and transform people’s lives through inspiring verse. I hope you can join us in this campaign!


Mass Poetry Logo

Sidewalk Poem Installed!

My poem “In Lieu of Flowers” was one of the winners in the 2017 City of Cambridge Sidewalk Poetry Contest. After delays last year, the winning poems were finally installed during the first weekend of this month (June 2018). Unfortunately the Department of Public Works didn’t alert the Arts Council in time to notify any of us, so I wasn’t able to watch the installation. Also, rainy weather (and/or other factors) caused the imprint to be uneven, so not all of the words came out sharply. Plus, vandals scratched some graffiti into the wet cement (it seems to be fading and is almost invisible in the photo below). Despite all of that, I’m honored that my poem was chosen, and I’m delighted for my words to be shared with the community through this physical embodiment. If you’re in Cambridge, MA you can find my poem on Broadway in front of the Cambridge Public Library main branch. IMG_1342

Introducing: Labor

Signing copies of Labor at the AWP Conference in Tampa, FL

My debut collection of poetry, Labor (published by Nixes Mate), is now available! Paperback and Kindle copies can be ordered online at Amazon. Printed copies  are also available for direct sale from the publisher. Another option (which supports me, Nixes Mate, and small businesses) is to request that your local book store order copies. If you live in the Boston area, keep an eye out for copies on the shelves of some shops there.


My first chapbook publication!

I’m pleased to announce the release of my e-chapbook, Grief Dreams, published by White Knuckle Press. The book is a collection of 11 prose poems, which you can read here:  https://www.whiteknucklepress.com/lisa-desiro

I’m grateful to the White Knuckle Press editors for their thoughtful design and careful attention to detail, and for bringing so many chapbooks into the world—all available online for free!